Saturday, September 11, 2010

911, Remember

September 11, 2001 is a day that I, as many pepople, will never forget. From the moment one of my friends called to say a Plane hit the World Trade Center to watching the news as the 2nd one hit, then the 3rd and 4th crash. I remember the absolute disbelief and horror of the day. Watching on the news as people jumped to their deaths out of the trade center. As a paramedic I have seen things that most people would never be able to comprehend, but this was so far above anything I could imagine. I was glued to the TV until going to work and then of course no one left the TV once there. It was absolutely heart breaking to see the loss of so many people, and to see all the emergency responders that lost their lives was devestating.
Here is a card I made to Remember 911


  1. Hello Anne,

    Very nice job on your card. I spent a few minutes yesterday morning explaining to my 6 year old that it was something that really happened and that many live were lost. We relived that moment watching the video on youtube. I understand what you mean about people not comprehending things that are seen when you come to an accident. I was on a first responder for a fire department many years ago and the things you see sometimes are just not something you want to relive, but it's part of the job. Thank You and God Bless you for the job you do.

  2. Wonderful card, the day of and the days following the events of September 9, 2001 are forever part of our history, as a fellow EMS (paramedic) provider and a Lt firefighter for 14 years I have seen many events unfold in my life and will always have that with me, the events of that day and days following will forever be apart of me, onduty that day going on lock down to stand by mode for deployment with the task force to many other elements of that time that I can just continue to go over. So this date will have a very special meaning to everyone in different ways and I thank you for sharing as a crafter and as a EMS provider

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  4. This is beautiful! The picture in the card! It's just amazing how it captures the moment and reminds us of that day. Thanks for sharing!